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How do I get the ‘up to 20% on cashback’ for Split Bills?

How do I get the ‘up to 20% on cashback’ for Split Bills?

Currently, Bano is running a promotion that allows you and your mates to earn ‘up to 20% cashback’ when you split on a bill that you have paid using your Bano VISA Card.

Step by Step:

  1. Tap on the bill you wish to split found in the ‘Activity’ section of the ‘Home Page’.
  2. Choose the amount of payers who will be splitting the bill.
  3. The app will calculate the split evenly to the amount of people paying. 
  4. Tap ‘Select Friends’ and choose the friends who will be splitting the bill with you.
  5. Your mates will now need to go on to their Bano App and pay the split bill.
  6. Once step 5 has been completed, you and your mates will instantly all receive up to 20% cashback.
  7. For example, if you split a $100 bill paid for using your Bano VISA Card between you and a mate, you both could potentially earn up to $10 in cashback!


  1. Eligibility

    • All split bill users involved must pay via the Bano App and be an approved Bano user

    • Value of the bill being split must be $5 or more to activate

    • Split bills must be paid via the split bill function

      • Marking the bill as paid manually or self-created split bills will not trigger a split bill reward

    • Only bills made using a Bano VISA Card are eligible for split bill rewards

  2. Split Bill Rewards Promotion Specifications

    • Split bill rewards received are dependent on:

      • The type of merchant

      • The amount being split

      • The number of people you are splitting with

    • The percentage of a split bill reward is randomized between 0-20%. Certain merchants will affect this percentage!

    • The purpose of this split bill promotion is to provide a fun reward for sharing your bills with your mates! We do not support the use of the split bill function to generate revenue.

    • Bano has the right to change the specifications of this promotion in order to create a better experience for those that split their bills!

    • If Bano has suspicion you are illegitimately using the split bill feature, we may clawback any cashback that is invalid. 

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