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receive up to 1.8% cashback on most transactions when you spend with your Bano Card

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Bano Mastercard Features

Pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay

Add your virtual card into your preferred digital wallet

Pay online or pay in-store

Both payment methods will entitle you to the up to 1.8% cashback when you spend

Withdraw from ATMs anywhere, anytime

Easily access cash whenever you need.

Management of Funds

  • No upper limits on cashback in a single transaction

    Receive up to 1.8% cashback whenever you spend using your Bano Mastercard anywhere, anytime.

  • Simplify the Art of Splitting Bills

    Split bills paid using your Bano Mastercard to earn up to 20% cashback for you and your mates

  • Turn on notifications and view your transaction history within the Bano App

    View and manage your entire transaction history from the Bano App.